We are a team of enthusiastic, highly skilled and competent software developers, architects, business analysts, project managers, user experience experts, tea drinkers and biscuit consumers.

We love technology, and we love humans, so it's natural that we would want to find the way to make them work together in efficient, productive and exciting new ways.


We are human, real, and easy to understand and work with.

We love nothing more than to chat ideas over a cuppa or (even better, a beer!)

Straight Talking

We express the complex simply.  We won't blind you with science, and will take the time to explore even the most complicated tech with you.

Open & Fair

We are not closed or secretive in the work we do.

We're open and honest, and if we can’t do something we won't pretend we can.

Creative & Inventive

We look at problems from all angles. 

We like the tough challenges and relish the opportunity to deliver on them using creative solutions and brilliant innovations  to make sure you succeed.


We are keen to solve problems – to go beyond the expected.

We get excited about our projects, the technology we play with, and the people we work with.

About Us

We were founded in 2014 by Chris & Liz Willmott with a vision to empower and enable our customers to make technology and digital work for their businesses.

Providing specialist technology consultancy and services, we take great pride in supporting our customers’ journeys by forming long term partnerships through which we deliver competent, technically complex projects and business value.

From startups to large SMEs, we help businesses of all sizes understand their technology needs and plan for the future by providing friendly, reliable and honest advice and support.

Meet Our Senior Team


Chris has over a decade of experience focusing on how technology impacts, and can be used toward, business' goals.

Chris Willmott

Engineering & Architecture


Liz oversees design direction, user experience and content strategy, and just received a certification in Design Thinking from MIT.

Liz Willmott

User Experience & design


Vix specialises in software project facilitation and can translate tech-talk into plain English. Getting engineers to do stuff is her superpower, earning her the title of Nerd Herder.

Vix Johnson

Process, Delivery & Change


Alex has been working in various software development and sysops roles for the best part of a decade and can solve a Rubik’s cube in under 3 minutes!

Alex Weeden

Engineering & SysOps

Our Values


We enjoy sharing our extensive experience and specialist knowledge with others.


We are clear about our capabilities, timelines and costs.


We value forming strong partnerships with our clients, our colleagues and with our suppliers.


We are rigorous and thorough in all our work, delivering real value

Doing Good

We deliver business and societal value wherever possible