Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Purpose-built, high-performance WordPress hosting, backed by hands-on support.

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WordPress, with no fuss.

Our WordPress hosting platform is purpose built from the ground up, designed specifically for WordPress websites. Security and speed are at the core of our approach. Your WordPress website will just work, and you won’t need touch any of the technical bits – leaving you free to concentrate on your business.


Target* <1 second page loads, without the need for performance plugins


Autoscaling servers and content distribution as standard


Security hardened at the infrastructure level, no need for plugins.

99.98% Uptime Guarantee

Your site should be online all the time! We monitor your website 24/7 and guarantee to have less than 10 minutes of outage within any 30 day period.

SSL as standard

Your site will use HTTPS connections as standard, at no extra cost. Of course, if you want to provide your own SSL certificate you can do that too!

CDN as standard

We automatically mirror your uploads to our own Content Delivery Network, speeds up your website loading times.

Performance Monitoring

We’re always monitoring our servers and the sites on them to make them as fast as possible. The faster your site goes the happier your customers – and we all like happy customers.

Fully Managed WordPress Updates

If WordPress releases a core upgrade to the system, we’ll automatically patch and test your site within one working day.

Enterprise-grade cloud Infrastructure

Our system is built from the ground-up on Amazon’s world-class AWS infrastructure, which is the same used by the likes of Netflix.

Unlimited Storage

Some hosts limit how much data you can store on your site – we don’t! So long as the files are for your website, there are no limits. We’ll even suggest ways to optimise your files.

Unlimited Data Transfer & Traffic

We don’t limit traffic to your site either – you can have 10 visits or 10,000 visits per day, every day, and we will still deliver the same level of service.


Our systems automatically scale the available resources to meet demand in traffic to your site – so it’s consistently fast and reliable, no matter how many users are on it.

Lock-tight Security

We’ve seen the ugly side of WordPress – the side that leaves vulnerabilities for hackers and spammers to get in. We’ve locked down our services so that only those who should get in, can get in.

4-hourly Backups, minimum

Lost something, or made an error? We backup your website fully, including the uploads, database and codebase at least every 4 hours. We keep them secure for at least 90 days, so you can easily restore to a safe point.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fully Managed Hosting?

When we say ‘fully managed’, we mean it. Not only will we host your website, we’ll look after it too. You do not need to worry about updates, maintenance or security. For a single monthly fee you’ll have your WordPress website online and taken care of, so you can concentrate on your business and your customers.

What makes it different to standard website hosting?

Our WordPress platform is very different from a standard website hosting package available from many more traditional hosting providers. With a regular cloud hosting provider, you need to go and set up your website, and you will be responsible for updates and maintenance of the code. With this solution, you don’t need to do anything. There’s no complicated web host control panel, and we’ll handle all the code and technology. It’s also hosted on enterprise-grade infrastructure, which is fast, reliable and secure. We have very tight security on our system, but even if your site went offline for some reason, our failover technology means your site will be back within minutes.

Can I move my current WordPress website onto this platform?

Yes! If you have a WordPress website already, it’s very simple to migrate it across to our platform. We’ll guide you through everything you need to do, and facilitate a swift transfer. You’ll just need to provide us access to your current website via your web host control panel and FTP, or if you’re more technically minded, we can work with your existing version control system.

I’m a Pentascape client. Do I have to use this platform?

No! All our WordPress sites are initially built on this platform, because we created it to make today’s technology available to all our clients as standard. But our clients all get the option to stay on the platform, or to move their new site to their own hosting. If you want to stay on our platform, for a simple monthly fee, the go-live process is streamlined and straightforward, and you get all the benefits of the system going forward. If you want to host it elsewhere, this is no problem, we just integrate a small migration fee – after which you’re free to look after the site yourself.

Why WordPress?

As the most popular open source CMS on the market, WordPress is ubiquitous in today’s website landscape, making it the go-to platform for small business websites. We realised the popularity of this platform warrants making sure that businesses can bring out its full potential, so we made a foundation on which WordPress can run like a dream.

But what about all the bad things people say about WordPress?

Yes, WordPress has it’s foibles. It has a bad name for being vulnerable to hacking attempts and security threats. Many of these threats are the result of websites not being set up with these issues in mind. We take security very, very seriously. The way WordPress is set up on our platform means only YOU can access your data; we constantly keep on top of the latest and smartest security features for protecting your WordPress website.

Will I be locked in to a contract?

No, the fees work on a monthly rolling basis. You can cancel at any time and your suscription will end within one calendar month. We’ll just want to make sure you’re safely up and running somewhere else before we see you go.

What happens to my data if I cancel?

If you cancel your subscription, we’ll keep your data accessible in your account for 90 days, and for one year in an archive before deleting permanently. If you need to access this data, just contact us.