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We are an expert team of software and technology consultants and developers. We work with clients from tech startups and large SMEs to enterprise and public sector organisations, to help make technology and digital services work better for their business.

When we first approached Pentascape we immediately encountered a very different attitude – one of excitement in our ideas and a genuine hope to make sure that MCO could be all we wanted it to be and maybe add something to it as well. We don’t think of Pentascape as a supplier anymore; we think of them as a partner. For any company that’s a huge bonus but especially for a startup like ours.

Chris Maure
Director - My Careers Options

We spent many months going through complicated, novel and very detailed technical aspects of the delivery mechanisms and we always found Pentascape gave us a fresh take and interesting new ways to solve our unique and taxing issues. Every time we’ve thrown a problem at them, they’ve solved it and enhanced the concepts involved.

Chris Maure
Director - My Careers Options

Over the last two years Pentascape have evolved the application to meet and surpass the initial requirements, by not only improving the system reliability, but increasing its throughput by over five times and reducing task turnaround time from days to hours. They have also reduced the cost from a supplier by over 80% by optimising the process flow around its implementation.

- Reddico

Chris is extremely good at distilling highly complex technical things into language that non-techies can understand – whilst having a talent for outlining the commercial advantages of different options. Working as our web architect he was constantly coming up with ideas and examples of cutting edge best practice.

Alec Jessel
Communications Partner - Kent County Council

So, why do we use Pentascape? Easy really, they listen to what you want, work hard to understand your vision, and come up with a solution that is efficient and cost effective. They work in a professional manner, are friendly and approachable and are good at what they do. The service we have received from Pentascape is exceptional. We wouldn’t consider anyone else for our business needs.

Margaret & Steve Brewer
- Poppy’s Holiday Hutches

We explained what we wanted to Pentascape and they came up with a fully automated system, which is brilliant. A huge success, and once again a hit with our customers, old and new.

Margaret & Steve Brewer
- Poppy’s Holiday Hutches

Chris and the team bent over backwards to sort out the mess we were in at the start and were really patient with our lack of clarity at times. They’re a friendly, hardworking team who know their stuff but are also willing to be flexible, which for us as a new business was really valuable.

Zoe James
- Lund London

Liz was great at grasping and responding to my brief, whilst also suggesting new ideas that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered, with a focus on the user experience that I may have otherwise overlooked. As my business continues to grow, I look forward to the next stage of my website development, and benefiting from ongoing support from Pentascape to help me manage my web presence, and take this to the next level.

Anwen Cooper
- Get Fruitful Marketing

Without any exaggeration, we are telling people that Pentascape has revolutionized our presence on the web. We were not able to design our own website but even had we the talent, I still doubt that we would have expressed our own vision and values with such vivacity and intelligence.

Rev Dr Alan P R Gregory
- St Augustine’s College of Theology

devinmy.team were very helpful in explaining the technical jargon behind the email issues and working out a plan to sort out the problems. They took control and dealt with our previous provider in an efficient way, communicating with them and finding solutions to a situation that became very complicated. They also recommended new and better platforms.

Louise Francis & Laura Knight
- FrancisKnight Public Art Consultancy

miiCARE enlisted the support of Pentascape during the early stages of our IoT solution development phase and found them an absolute delight and privilege to work with. They are focused on business value and delivering against committed outcomes.

Kelvin Summoogum
Kent County Council
My Careers Options

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