MCO: Application Development

My Careers Options is an affordable, simple online assessment that highlights a student’s unique abilities and skills and opens up new and exciting careers options that they may never have considered before.
The brief

To develop a web-based application to assess students for numeracy, vocational and personality attributes, using an algorithm developed with the University of Cambridge, which results in a meaningful report detailing suitable career options tailored to the student.

The solution must be cost effective so that the client can validate their new business with minimal ongoing expense, and it must minimise on the need for ongoing maintenance by leveraging serverless technologies.

The solution

Pentascape delivered a web based application, optimised for use on mobile devices including tablets, to appeal to the core audience of students aged 11-17. We put a lot of work into defining and optimising user journeys for all persona types; students, guardians, and school staff, ensuring everyone could get the most out of the platform.

The application was developed to integrate a unique algorithm developed by the University of Cambridge with vast quantities of career data from external sources in order to produce tailored results for each user.

We spent many months going through complicated, novel and very detailed technical aspects of the delivery mechanisms and we always found Pentascape gave us a fresh take and interesting new ways to solve our unique and taxing issues. Every time we’ve thrown a problem at them, they’ve solved it and enhanced the concepts involved.