Reddico: Maintenance & Development

Reddico is a digital marketing agency that provides industry leading search marketing services to businesses across a range of different sectors in the UK.
The brief

To take the proof-of-concept and prepare it for wider use amongst a team within Reddico. The system includes integrations with third parties and fetches data from the web for processing.

The solution needs to be robust, and deliver quality, reliable results while meeting the throughput demands of the team using it.

The solution

Over the last two years we’ve evolved the application to meet and surpass the initial requirements, by not only the system reliability, but increasing its throughput by over five times and reducing task turnaround time from days to hours. We have also reduced the cost from a supplier by over 80%, by optimising the process flow around it’s implementation.

We’re continuing to work with Reddico to find solutions to new requirements as their business evolves.