Automation and AI

It’s now impossible to avoid terms such as Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Machine Learning. We pride ourselves in making these technologies understandable and accessible so that you can feel confident applying them to your own business, software or products.

Research indicates that AI could boost UK productivity by up to 25% by 2030. AI is no longer being seen as a threat to jobs but as an essential tool for fuelling and growing businesses.

Improve Productivity

Whether you are using spreadsheets, working with multiple systems or just completing a lot of manual tasks, there are opportunities for bringing in automated processes that will save you time and money. We help you identify these opportunities, design the best possible optimisations, and implement them within your business so that you can work faster, and work smarter.

Provide Insight

One of the benefits of AI and Machine Learning is the ability to process data automatically and in a way that provides brand new insight for your business or for your users. We can review your data to see what opportunities it might present for an AI or Machine Learning project, whether it’s a chatbot suggesting the right product for your clients, or an app personalised to every user.

Our other services

Cloud Architecture

Set up, maintain and improve your high performance, scalable and secure managed cloud hosting.

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Collaborative Innovation and R&D

Bring new products to market and innovate in your own space.

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Software Architecture

Plan, build and grow your new or existing software.

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Information, Content & Process

Expertise in content, process and insights to support the technology in your business

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