Cloud Architecture

We provide specialist, high performance, scalable and secure managed cloud hosting services to address the most complex of hosting requirements.

We can supply and maintain your hosting and infrastructure, whether it’s for a single website or a large scale application. Our monitoring and support services ensure that we can be both proactive – in protecting your service and improving its quality – and reactive in the event that something goes wrong.

Servers are essential to the running of your software assets, but with a huge range of technologies and options available, it can become something of a minefield. We help cut through the confusion to identify and implement the absolute best solutions for your needs, all the while explaining everything in plain and simple terms so that you don’t end up wasting your budget on services you don’t need or can’t use.

Our team holds current certifications as AWS Solutions Architects and AWS Certified Developers.


We can set up and maintain your application, web or email hosting, whether it’s shared, dedicated, cloud or serverless. With practical knowledge and experience of the latest server technologies we can even save you money on your hosting costs while providing optimised performance.

Live Monitoring

Real-time monitoring allows us to keep an eye on your setup 24/7, automatically providing alerts or triggering any incident management or disaster recovery processes when issues are detected.

Incident Management

It is an undeniable fact that sometimes systems will break. We design and implement proactive measures to ensure that when things do go wrong, there’s no delay in starting to put them right again. A Disaster Recovery Plan ensures everyone knows what happens when a system fails, and triggers the process for bringing everything back online, minimising the impact to end users. We can design systems with automatic failovers, so that when critical infrastructure does fail, there’s a functional alternative in place, ready to go.

We will also provide detailed incident reports in plan English so that you understand what went wrong, and what steps can be taken to minimise the event of a future recurrence where possible.

Our other services

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Software Architecture

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Information, Content & Process

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