Project, Programme & Operations Management

Our consultants have a minimum of 10 years of practical experience in delivering digital, software and technology projects and are experienced in Agile, Lean, Prince and ITIL methods.

Whether you need improved facilitation between multiple contractors, support for your in-house teams as a full organisation, or an acting PM to oversee work packages with your development team; we have the experience and knowledge to drive your projects forwards.

Project Management

Protect your budgets and deadlines by having us act in an interim project manager capacity on your projects, implementing proven project management frameworks and methodologies in a flexible way that best suits your business and your people. This is an excellent way of retaining tight control over projects with multiple contractors.

We set up a solid start, plan timelines and deliverables, see your project over the line, and provide additional support with stakeholder management and user requirements gathering and analysis to deliver your MVP and beyond.

Programme Management

We aren’t just in it for the short term; we can help you plan and deliver your long-term business objectives through a series of programmes.

If you know where you want to be, but aren’t quite sure how to get there, we can break down the steps and plan every step to get you there.

Our focus on Continual Improvement allows us to embed feedback loops into all of your projects throughout a programme, ensuring we continue to learn as we go and evolve your business in the smartest and most efficient ways.

Operational Process Management

Our team includes Business Process Analysts with a decade of experience. We don’t just review your business software performance - we look at how your platforms integrate with each other and how they support offline processes within your business.

We identify any process gaps and inefficiencies, and make recommendations on how you can save money, save time, and improve the experience for your workforce and users.

Digital Transformation

In these unusual times, the way we work has been fundamentally changed.

We are supporting businesses in their scaling and adaptations by designing and implementing improved processes and tools to help them get the best out of their employees wherever they are based, to save money, and to transform how they do business by harnessing available technologies.

"Vix has been working with me and my team as we scale up our systems and project processes to support the growth of the business. Her experience with project management tools and methodologies has been super helpful as we look to make good decisions, and I have appreciated her direct and no-nonsense approach which is helping us make the most of our resources. "

Daniel Ghinn

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