R&D and Innovation Services

We help companies design, develop, and get their products off the ground by lending our experience and expertise in the early stages of product development.

We help create a solid start for production, to protect costs and reduce risk. With a huge drive towards funding Research & Development projects to target all types of challenges, we've seen an upsurge in innovative start-ups and forward-thinking businesses leading the transformation of how digital products and services are brought onto the market.


We help funded start-ups take their ideas and apply user research, focus groups, requirements workshops and process flows to gather the specifics of your users’ needs and market demands. Once the requirements are understood, we design the roadmap to deliver them and provide ranged cost estimates and expected timelines ready to take the product into production.

Our Idea-to-Market Discovery projects take all of this information and turn it into a clear and concise set of information ready for presentation to stakeholders or even for use when pitching for funding.

Rapid Prototyping

The “win quick, fail fast” approach isn’t new, it’s a proven way to get a product to market quickly and test the water. We don’t believe in spending months or even years developing a product at great cost, only to find out once launched that it doesn’t work, doesn’t meet the needs of users, or that you’ve been beaten to it by a competitor.

By rapidly prototyping a product and getting it to market, you know quickly if the product is going to be viable and worth further investment. We then use our Continuous Improvement processes to iteratively update, upgrade and develop the product – all while it’s in active use by your new users, allowing you to grow your business at the same time.

"miiCARE enlisted the support of Chris during the early stage of our IoT solution development phase and found him an absolute delight and privilege to work with. He is focused on business value and delivering against committed outcomes. Chris also demonstrated a very broad technology skillset and good business acumen, which enabled our social enterprise to quickly translate complex scenarios into simple concepts. His approach to projects is well structured, methodical and he is tenacious in making sure that concepts are achievable."

Kelvin Summoogum

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