Software Architecture

We plan, build, develop and grow new or existing software to meet your product or businesses needs, for now and for the future.

We also renovate existing software or websites that work ineffectively or that don’t work at all, repatriating software as required to bring it back under your management and control and making it work to optimum effect for your business.

Solutions Architecture

Our dedicated Solutions Architects help you work out the details of your complex technology projects. Whether it’s migrating to new services or software, building your own platforms or upgrading your infrastructure, our architects will ensure that you get the best value from your investment by advising on the best available technologies and providing the framework for a well planned, efficient and future-proof project.

Software Specifications

Requirements are just one part of creating great software. We help build out comprehensive specifications by creating User Stories from your requirements and compiling them with detailed technical specifications, workflows, infrastructure diagrams and sample UI’s, all ready to hand over to your production team of choice.

Software Development

Writing quality code is just one part of creating excellent software. In addition to our technical expertise, we specialise in requirement gathering and processing, iterative development, infrastructure, and testing – allowing us to create the most efficient, cost effective and appropriate solutions for you.

We take on a range of bespoke projects of all types and sizes so if you’ve ruled out an off the shelf solution and your project requires code, we can help.

Software Renovation

It’s not uncommon to be told “it’s best we start from scratch” when reviewing legacy software with a new provider. While occasionally it’s true, we believe in protecting your existing investment in your platform where possible.

We specialise in the iterative renovation of software platforms, allowing you to gradually and consistently roll out improvements to your users without impacting the operation of your business.

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Software Repatriation

We help you regain control of your outsourced projects by working to recapture all of your assets and IP from the third party, returning them as a work package to a UK based team.

We know that sometimes projects can be outsourced to the lowest possible bidder, and that sometimes this can mean your requirements are not satisfactorily delivered. We help recoup your investment, taking the usable elements and handing them over to a competent team for completion with a delivery plan to help meet your budget and timeline.

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Our other services

Automation and AI

Optimise performance, save time and save money with Artificial Intelligence and Automation technology.

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Cloud Architecture

Set up, maintain and improve your high performance, scalable and secure managed cloud hosting.

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Collaborative Innovation and R&D

Bring new products to market and innovate in your own space.

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Information, Content & Process

Expertise in content, process and insights to support the technology in your business

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