Software Repatriation

With around 35% of UK companies now outsourcing their IT projects, and that number on the increase, the rise of offshore outsourcing is a continuing trend.

Outsourcing offers many benefits such as cost savings compared to near-shore alternatives, allowing access to tech teams across the world at a reduced fee, and providing a wider pool to help deliver projects rapidly.

There are however some downsides to outsourcing IT projects, and if you’re here on this page the chances are you may have experienced some of them for yourself. Unfortunately not all companies deliver what they promise, and that is where we can assist by stepping in to reclaim and repatriate your project.

If you feel you have lost control of your outsourced project, are struggling with communication issues between languages or time zones, or have been delivered a sub-standard outcome - we can help.


We can liaise with your third party supplier to determine the status of your project, locate and gather all assets, identify and address any IP issues and create a robust plan for bringing your project back under your control.


We will work with you and your supplier to relocate your project to your chosen new supplier. We can provide resources for the continuation of your project or refer it to our network of specialists.

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