Technology Consulting

We work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that your software, technology and digital services bring maximum benefit to your business, in terms of both operational effectiveness and financial efficiency.

With over a decade of software industry experience each, all of our consultants have a working knowledge of the technologies, tools and processes they advise on, so you can be assured that they only preach what they practice.

Solutions Architecture

Our dedicated Solutions Architects help you work out the details of your complex technology projects. Whether it’s migrating to new services or software, building your own platforms or upgrading your infrastructure, our architects will ensure that you get the best value from your investment by advising on the best available technologies and providing the framework for a well planned, efficient and future-proof project.

Requirements Gathering

We undertake user research, look at the latest statistics and reports, and speak with your demographic to determine what they need most from your product now and what they are most likely to need in the future.

Software Specifications

Requirements are just one part of creating great software. We help build out comprehensive specifications by creating User Stories from your requirements and compiling them with detailed technical specifications, workflows, infrastructure diagrams and sample UI’s, all ready to hand over to your production team of choice.

User Experience

Our qualified and experienced team will work with your designers to ensure all of your User Interfaces provide the best possible experience by applying the latest research and technology.

Project Planning & Facilitation

Our consultants are experienced in Agile, Lean, Prince and ITIL methods, with a decade of practical experience in delivering digital, software and technology projects. We can help facilitate your team to deliver, and provide support for your short term and temporary projects.

Process Audits

Our team includes Business Process Analysts with a decade of experience. We don’t just review your business software performance, we look at how your platforms integrate with each other and how they support offline processes within your business. We identify any process gaps and inefficiencies, and make recommendations on how you can save money, save time, and improve the experience for your workforce and users.

Our other services

Automation and AI

Optimise performance, save time and save money with Artificial Intelligence and Automation technology.

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Cloud Architecture

Set up, maintain and improve your high performance, scalable and secure managed cloud hosting.

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Innovation and R&D

Bring new products to market and innovate in your own space.

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Software Architecture

Plan, build and grow your new or existing software.

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