User Experience, Content & Data Services

Can your users find what they need? Are they getting frustrated or stuck anywhere?

Working alongside your own team, our consultants can help ensure that your digital platforms are usable, intuitive, and make sense to the people who use them.

We help you provide the best possible experience by identifying potential stumbling blocks and employing best practice UX and CX methodologies to optimise the experience, improve journeys, and ultimately meet the demands of your customers.

Content Auditing, Planning and Insights

Do you have a lot of content on an existing system? Or are you planning a system which will require a lot of content?

We are experienced in auditing and creating inventories of existing content, planning how this can be organised, and spotting patterns and themes to inform potential new ways of organising content. We utilise our insight to help your organisation present complex or extensive content requirements to your users.

Information Architecture

Systems which contain a lot of information, whether this is text, data or products, are most effective when the information is categorised and structured clearly and logically.

We can work with your business to analyse this information and to put labelling and categorisation structures in place (taxonomy), providing the foundation for designing effective filters, navigation and categories that help your customers to find the content they need.

Data Organisation & Taxonomy

We can work with data sets, product sets, CRM records, web content and other information to ensure it is organised, does not contain duplicates, and is correctly and logically labelled.

This is particularly useful when working with older or extensive existing data sets, perhaps from multiple systems, and migrating them into a new taxonomy structure or system.

Experience Analytics

We collect and analyse usage patterns and behaviour on website or software systems to uncover how users behave, where users commonly get stuck or end up.

We'll draw insights from this data and suggest changes that have a positive impact on the user behaviour on a website or system.

"Liz was great at grasping and responding to my brief, whilst also suggesting new ideas that I wouldn't have otherwise considered. She came up with the most effective solution to present all of my content, and helped me to organise this into a coherent overall design, with a focus on the user experience that I may have otherwise overlooked."

Anwen CooperDirector - Get Fruitful Marketing

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