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Get one-to-one professional help to fix or improve your existing website, with a Web Design Lab.

We’ll help you get your website up to scratch.

It’s easy, and there’s no strings attached.

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I not only enjoyed it but also got a lot out of it and now feel much more confident about the website.

Jane Chakravorty Invicta Linux

Get help to:

  • Fix errors
  • Add new features
  • Improve design and layout

If you already have a website but could use a little help, come to our Maidstone office for a friendly one-to-one session with a professional designer or developer, who will work with you to bring your website to the level it deserves.

We can work with almost any platform, including WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and more.

How it works

  1. Chat to us to book the best lab for you, with a simple fixed-price fee
  2. Make a wishlist of changes you want on your website
  3. Gather your passwords and access details for your website
  4. Come along to your Lab session, and we’ll do as much as we can!

Example tasks

  • Fix errors or find out why something isn’t working as you’d expect
  • Add new features or make tweaks to existing parts of the website
  • Improve the design, layout or overall user experience
  • Get help with refining your content or customer message
  • Get hands-on advice on how to use certain features on your platform

What’s included

  • Instant results on the same day
  • Pick the Lab which suits you, with option to extend time
  • We can work on the majority of existing platforms
  • Fixed price, no strings attached
  • One-to-one session – watch and pick up advice along the way
  • Relaxed, friendly atmosphere with tea, coffee and biscuits!

90 Minute Lab

£150inc VAT

Help with a few bits and pieces on your site

5 Hour Lab

£350inc VAT

More time for in-depth work on your site

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Our Lab Session was a healthy investment in our business and our professional skills, we highly recommend them.

Louise Francis & Laura Knight FrancisKnight Public Art Consultancy

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Labs for?

Our Web Design Labs are for anyone who has a website but lacks the time or knowledge to fix or update it. Perhaps you’re a small business owner who has made their own website, but have got to a point where you need help finishing it off. Perhaps you’ve become frustrated with your website builder interface. Or perhaps you had someone looking after your website, but they are no longer available. Labs are ideas for people who don’t feel they need a whole new website, but are looking for some help to bring their current site up to scratch. The sessions are friendly and relaxed, and we hope you’ll come away feeling you’ve learned something along the way.

So, how does it work?

It’s quite simple. Once you’ve booked and paid for your lab session, you’ll need to gather your passwords and access details and send them through to us. We’ll make sure we have access to your website before the Lab begins so time is not spent during your session in getting logged in. We’ll also aim to take a backup of your site before we start. Meanwhile, you’ll compile a list of tasks you’d like to achieve in the Lab, if you’ve not done so already. On the day, we’ll get cracking as soon as you arrive. You’ll sit down with an experienced web designer or developer, who will go through your list with you and fix, amend or improve your website. We’ll aim to get as much done for you in the time available as we can, in order you get the most value possible out of your Lab session.

How much does it cost?

We have simple pricing, based on the length of the Lab session. Our prices are displayed including VAT, because many customers are small businesses or start-ups, who are not VAT registered. Our prices are as follows: 90 Minute Lab – £150 inc VAT (£125 ex VAT) / 3 Hour Lab – £250 inc VAT (£208.33 ex VAT) / 5 Hour Lab – £350 inc VAT (291.66 ex VAT).

Do I have to pay upfront?

Yes, we do ask that payment is made in advance of your Lab session. If you need to extend your session, you can pay the difference on the day or within 7 days.

Do I need to stay the whole time?

No – it’s not a requirement, but we do recommend you stay. The Lab sessions are designed for you to be able to watch and learn about how your website works, and it is a great opportunity to learn more about how to maintain it yourself in future. It also means you’ll be able to offer direction and make decisions about what we’re doing on your site as we go. However there’s no obligation to stay once we’re up and running – you’re welcome to give us your wishlist, and then go out into town while we work.

Where do I need to go?

Our office is in Maidstone town centre – come join us! It’s a short walk from the main High Street, and local train stations, and there’s parking nearby.

How do I know the length of time I’ll need?

It’s hard to know exactly how much time we’ll need to get everything done. If you’re not sure, we’ll chat with you before hand to run through your requirements and we’ll recommend the lab we estimate is best for you.

What if we run out of time?

If it turns out that more time is required on the day, you can opt to pay the difference to extend the session (schedule permitting). Alternatively we can book a second Lab session to continue with the work.

Will you work with my platform?

We work with most website platforms. We have experience with many commonly used website builders, including Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly, as well as CMS software such as WordPress, Joomla and Concrete5. If you’re unsure what platform your website uses, or whether we can work with your system, drop us a line. Even if we’ve not worked with your platform before, we’re experienced with exploring systems and the common ways they work – so it’s likely we can help you with almost any website.

What if things go wrong?

We aim to make a full back up your website before we begin work – though some systems are more effective than others at backing up. We take a great deal of care while working on your website, especially if it is a live system, to ensure that nothing goes awry. In the event that something goes wrong and the fault is with the system or website set up, we’ll endeavour to fix it for you within the time available. On the other hand if there is a mistake on our part, you will not be charged for time to resolve.

Can I bring my colleague?

Yes, up to three people can come to a Lab session. We recommend bringing the people in your business who will benefit most from learning about how the website works, or will be responsible for maintaining it in future.

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